Hopes and Dreams


As a shelter/rescue, we have goals, short-term and long-term, that we’d like to achieve. Some, such as the picture of kennels that needs a new roof and radiant heat, are capital improvements needed.

On the Horizon…

  • Sebastian’s Class – we are in the process of implementing a new training class. We’ll be working with some of our residents to teach them the basics in canine good citizenship and manners. Everyone knows a polite, respectful dog is a pleasure to be around and increases adoptability. We will also be working with reactive dogs to give them the chance to succeed in a home setting.
  • New electrical and radiant heaters and fans in outdoor kennels.  Our doggies need to stay toasty warm in the winter and cool as cucumbers in the hot South Carolina summer.  We need to upgrade our electrical to make our guests comfortable.
  • NewRoof-MAMASNew roofs are needed for some of our kennels to provide shade and shelter from the elements for our dogs during their stay with us. We’ll be working on re-doing several of these roofs as funds allow.
  • Safety first!  We need to continue with our fence replacement projects. Step by step all chain link fencing is being changed out to new 9-gauge wire fencing which is sturdier and safer, preventing escapes and potential injuries from deteriorated fencing.
  • A feral cat spay/neuter program and community assistance for cat spays and neuters. The name of this program will be called “Hals Pals”, in honor of Ruthie’s little buddy who died on Christmas Day, 2015.