Gail Posey

GailGail is a lifelong native of Bamberg County¬†and is well known in the area for her love of animals and rescue assistance to those in need. Gail’s mother was Mary Ann Morris, namesake of M.A.M.A.S., and Mary Ann taught her daughter to love all animals with a passion. Gail’s ongoing determination to help all animals, from dogs and cats to horses, cows and pigs is exemplary. She has a soft spot for all living creatures. Gail will personally take dog houses to those who have no shelter, provide food and medical assistance to animals in need, and build shelters and assist in rescue for farm animals.

In addition to being on M.A.M.A.S. board, Gail also maintains a small shelter of her own for dogs deemed to be unadoptable. She resides in Olar, South Carolina with husband, David, and their senior Chihuahua, Carla, along with all the other dogs she cares for at her shelter.