Mary Tilton

Mary TiltonMary grew up in Connecticut with a love of all animals and started Pre-Veterinary Medicine studies at the University of New Hampshire. After working for a veterinarian, she realized she didn’t have the emotional constitution required of veterinarians, so Mary turned her studies to ecology, specifically wildlife ecology; she spent a semester in Namibia studying cheetahs and a semester in New Zealand studying their native birds and problems with non-native predators. Mary earned a Masters Degree in Wildlife Science from Virginia Tech, studying population dynamics of white-tailed deer and black bear. Mary has worked as the director of an environmental non-profit and a science educator.

Mary and her family moved to Denmark, SC (Bamberg County, SC) to live on her husband’s family’s farm. Her family hopes to live a more sustainable and simple life. After living in the county for a short time, she was saddened to witness frequent neglect and frequent mistreatment of animals. After the loss of her first and dear pet cat, Nala, Mary decided to reach out to the only shelter in the county, M.A.M.A.S., to see if they needed help and was greeted by a wonderful, motivated group of people doing really important work to save dogs in this rural, economically depressed area. Mary lives with her husband David Bishop, two elementary school aged daughters (who help “kid-test” the shelter dogs), 5 cats, 2 dogs, 8 chickens, a rabbit, and some fis
h (and usually some foster animals!).